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Daniel Ritchey

Daniel Ritchey was born in 1796. He died in 1862 and is buried at the Job Ritchey Farm Cemetery.


Catherine, born 1810 in Ireland.


Adam S., born August 9, 1832. Married Elizabeth Ramage (b. May 4, 1837, d. January 23, 1913, buried Everett Cemetery) on December 19, 1865 in Harrisburg, PA. Was a member of the 133rd Regiment in the Civil War. Died on February 5, 1898 and is buried in the Everett Cemetery.

James W., born February 22, 1836. Married Sarah A. (b. April 20, 1830, d. October 1, 1921). Died on September 17, 1910 and is buried at the Tatesville Methodist Cemetery in Tatesville, PA.

David, born 1837. Died in the Civil War at Petersburg.

Mary Jane, born 1839.

Joseph, born 1840.

Daniel, born 1842. Wounded in the Civil War at Steadman Va., March 26, 1865.

Catherine A., born 1845.

Martha L., born 1848.

Amelia A., born 1851.