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This page includes documents, notes, pictures and links of Ritchey information. This is information that we have gathered over the years but it is not necessarily associated with our branch of the family (that we know of at this point). Hopefully this information will be useful or of interest to other Ritchey researchers.


These web sites contain Ritchey information.
Beauregard Family History
Kraig Ruckel's Palantine and Pennsylvania-Dutch Genealogy Page No direct Ritchey stuff, but some good links and information.
Index of surnames
Adam Ritchey Page This is not the same Adam.
Immigrant Ancestor Data Contains listing of Philip Ritschi.
Replogle/McCurdy PA Ancestry Home Page Lots of Ritchey's on this page.
Ritchey forum
Goetschy Colony Interesting information. Has information on a Conrad Ritschi's journey to America.


Photo 1 Children of Jacob Eli Ritchey and Alice Rebecca Greenland Ritchey
Photo 2 Jacob Eli Ritchey and Alice Rebecca Greenland Ritchey taken 1932


Article 1 An article about the early Ritcheys in Bedford Co.
Article 2 Various pieces of information re: Ritcheys
List 1 Listing of Ritcheys in Bedford Co. cemeteries